November Volunteer Meeting

Our November Volunteer meeting will be on Thursday, 10 November 2016 at 10 am in the CAC offices, 503 W. Highway 243, in Canton.  Refreshments will be served, and we want to welcome all past and current volunteers, as well as anyone interested in finding out more about volunteer opportunities at the Center.  We will be discussing new directions for our volunteer program, so please come and join us for information, ideas, and fellowship!

For Volunteer Applications or more information contact the our office staff at 903-567-1212, or email

Looking for New Board of Directors Members!

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Van Zandt County is looking for new Board of Directors Members!  Our mission is dedicated to child victims of physical and sexual abuse as well as child witnesses to violent crimes, while our goal is to provide children with a warm, non-threatening environment, eliciting forensic information from them.  CACVZC strives to reduce trauma through a unified effort that facilitates thorough investigations, effective prosecution and the healing of children and their families.

Community participation with a strong commitment to our goals, attendance, and by-laws are qualifications for this three year term.  The Board meets on a monthly basis, the third Tuesday of each month at noon, with special meetings called as necessary.

Board member responsibilities include fundraising, public awareness, decision- making, overseeing financial matters, strategic planning, and board development.  

Please visit our Board of Directors page for more information. If you are interested in becoming a Board Member, and would like an application packet, please contact Dana Harader, Executive Director, at 903-567-1212, or by email at  

Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference Was A Huge Success for CACVZC!



We learned so much from all of the sessions we attended!  Psychological Safeguarding, Community Education, Case Studies, Five B’s of Child Physical Abuse: Bruises, Burns, Bones, Bellies, and Brains, . . . . .

0808160843_resizedSasha Joseph Neulinger (B.A. in Film Production at Montana State University) is the co-founder and Head of Production at Step 1 Films. He has worked behind the scenes on National Geographic’s award winning series, “America, The Wild” as a post production assistant. At Step 1 Films, he has produced, directed, and edited multiple commercial videos for various corporate clients nationally. He is currently directing his first feature length documentary, “Rewind To Fast-Forward,” an autobiographical film about his life surviving multi-generational child sexual abuse.0808160843a_resized

In April 2014, Sasha launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for his film, and in doing so became the 6th most backed documentary in Kickstarter history, raising over $176,000 from the support of 4,395 supporters. In October 2014, Sasha directed an Emmy Award Winning Film crew in Philadelphia, and completed principal photography forRewind To Fast-Forward during a three week film shoot. While working to raise the finishing funds for Rewind To Fast-Forward, and directing the post-production team, Sasha also travels nationally as a public speaker, advocating for reforms in child advocacy and child abuse prevention. On March 27th, 2015, Sasha presented at TEDxBozeman. His presentation was titled “Trauma Is Irreversible. How It Shapes Us Is Our Choice.” Since it was released to the public on May 20th, 2015, Sasha’s TEDx Talk has been viewed over 78,000 times to date, reaching survivors internationally.

0809161500_resizedIn 2012, 15-year old “Sara” became the first young survivor photographed for the Now You See (NYS) project. She had been preparing to testify at trial and decided to write words of encouragement to other kids who might be suffering from abuse. Since that day, over 130 children, teens, family and caregivers have joined NYS which displays their courageous eyes and words of strength. The project also now sponsors the Now You See Bravery Awards at which the kids and their teams of professionals reunite to celebrate the courage it takes to survive and disclose abuse and then continue on with the criminal justice system. Take this workshop to learn about several of the kids and cases involved in NYS and to be inspired by the resilience a child displays when supported by family and staff. This workshop will also challenge you to think about how you and your colleagues can celebrate bravery in your agency or area.


Exhibitor Meet & Greet
Visit with exhibitors on the 1st and 2nd floors while enjoying a cash bar and appetizers.




DPA Hospitality Evening

The Dallas Police Association will serve food and beverages at this optional off-site event.

0810161935_resizedConference Networking Event
Enjoy Tex-Mex, a cash bar, casino tables, and a DJ on the last evening of the conference! 0810162024_resized

Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Van Zandt County staff will be training and learning all about how to prevent, investigate, interview, and deal with the aftermath of child abuse and neglect at the Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference next week.  Check out the website to see what we will all be up to!

Dallas Crimes Against Children Conference

Backpacks of Love Project

My name is Martha Weatherall and I am the Family Advocate at CACVZC.  It really saddens my heart request these items for Van Zandt County.  I’ve always been aware of situations in OUR county but never to this degree.  I know that the communities of Van Zandt County have giving hearts and always want to help those in need, so here is your chance to help the Children of Van Zandt County.

We are, filling the BLUE RIBBON PROJECT’S BACKPACKS OF LOVE for child victims of abuse who are going directly into care without notice.

Click here to learn more about the project!

Forensic Interviewer Peer Review Meeting

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Van Zandt County hosted our first Forensic Interviewer Peer Review training on January 12, 2016. We had 23 participants. This has been the first time we could offer to host as we now have the luxury of seating, parking and staff. Our volunteers and a few of the board members provided lunch.

Peer Review is a mandatory for forensic interviewers. It provides opportunities for those who conduct forensic interviews to participate in ongoing training and education. Training forums may include: attendance at workshops or conferences, reading current research and literature on forensic interviewing, role playing, and interviewing children on non-abuse related topics, review of recorded interviews, observations of interviews, peer review and ongoing supervision. In addition, there must be demonstration of the following continuous quality improvement activities

  • A minimum of 10 hours per year of ongoing education, of which a minimum of 5 hours should be in the field of forensic interviewing and the remaining hours can be anything in the field of child maltreatment.
  • Participation in a minimum of two formalized peer review meetings for forensic interviewers